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Thermal expansion sealing tape

Thermal expansion sealing tape is an elastic roll material expanding under the influence of high temperature. The sealing effect is based on the property of the tape filler to expand under the influence of high temperature (over 120°С) and fill the joints thus preventing smoke, hot gases and flame permeation into the protected area.


TRL tapes are used in fireproof doors, gates, fire hatches to seal in the joints between the panel and the frame in case of fire.

TRL tapes are also used to seal in fire dampers and flange joints of air tubes in case of fire or under high temperatures.


  • Thickness: 2.0土0.2 mm
  • Mass of 1m2: maximum 3.7 kg
  • Resistance to subzero temperatures (-50°С): the material does not peel off the metal sheet
  • Bond strength between the material and the mounting surface when peeled off at an angle of 90°: minimum 5.0 N/cm
  • Expansion rate: minimum 1000%
  • Foaming initiation temperature: 120°C
  • Flammability group: hardly combustible
Advantages TRL
  • Anti-corrosion properties
  • Good adhesion to mounting surface
  • Hardly combustible
  • Easy to install
  • Low temperature of foaming initiation
  • High strength of char forming at combustion
  • Certificate of conformity to fire safety requirements № С-RU. ПБ64.В.00008