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Heat- and sound-insulating material

Melaton is foamed material based on melamine resin with 3D open-cell structure.

The material is supplied in the form of sheets and end products.


The material can be used as a raw component for the production of heat- and sound-insulating items. It is used for heat insulation and noise reduction.

Spheres of Use:

Sheet material dimensions:

  • Size: 1350х530 mm (can be changed)
  • Thickness: 10mm; 20mm; 30mm; 40mm

End products dimensions:

  • Size: any
  • Thickness: from 20 to 100mm


  • Thermal conductivity at the temperature of 25 °C: 0,036 W/(mxK)
  • Flammability group: self-extinguishing
  • Smoke-generation capacity (Dt=2; Dt=4; Dmax when burning and smoldering): 200
  • Bond strength between facing layer and foamed layer: 0.6 N/cm
  • Bond strength between anti-adhesive film and adhesive mounting layer: 0.01-0.10 N/cm
Advantages Melaton
  • Eco-friendly
  • Noncombustible
  • Heat-insulation
  • Effective sound damper
  • Mass per 1m3 of the material is maximum 6-9 kg
  • Operating temperature range of the sheet material with adhesive mounting layer: from -45 to +100°C, without adhesive layer: from -200 to +200°C
  • Operating temperature range of end products: from -200 to +200°C
  • Does not peel off
  • Stiff
  • Easy to cut out and install
  • Maintainable